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Die ersten foxred Labradore wurden in den USA gezüchtet. Ein wichtiger Vertreter in der Historie der foxred Labradore ist der Rüde CH LITTLE RIVER RED. Um die er Jahre wurde die Schattierung des satten Fuchsrot von einigen heute bekannten Foxred Züchtern in den USA (z.B. der Kennel “Kelleygreen" und​. Farbe: Gelb (dunkles Foxred). Risthöhe: 58 cm Züchter: Docekalova Michaela, kennel "Himalajskeho Cedru" Czech Republic. Pedigree - Ahnentafel., arnsberg. likes. Community. Gus, Fox Red Labrador Retriever weeks old) Keepsake Labradors Red PUPPIES LAB BREEDERS PUPPIES Fox Red Labrador Puppy, Dog Kennels.

Red Fox Kennel

(dark Yellow) Labrador Retriever. Willson's Duke Rijae Hall is an AKC registered Fox Red (dark Yellow) Labrador Retriever owned by Feather Ranch Kennels. Balsam Branch Kennel | Fox Red Labrador Retreiver | KImber's Day at the Shop | Wisconsin | balsam-branch-kennel-fox-red-lab-kimber-shop. der Fuchsbau, des - es, plur. die - e; faxkennel, fox earth. die Fuchsbeere, plur. die Fuchserde, plur. die - n; in some pla-, ces, name for a common reddish.

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🐕Top 10 Best Things About Red Fox Labrador Puppies 🐾

They are wormed at 3, 4, and 5 weeks of age and re. They are wormed at 3, 4, and 5 weeks of age and receive their first puppy shots at 6 weeks.

When your puppy goes home with you, she will be crate trained and started on potty training. She will be microchipped for identification.

And even though Labradoodles are a hybrid of Poodle and Labrador Retriever so not recognized by the AKC as a breed, all of our Doodles' pure bred ancestors are either registered or registerable.

Handsome English style Fox Red Lab. Produces beautiful puppies! Luna is our beautiful, sweet girl with a solid Fox Red ancestry!

Son of a dock-diving champion, we are told that he looks exactly like his grandfather, Oscar, a dark auburn fox red Lab.

Oscar paints his babies dark red! He has produced some beautiful puppies, all with his kind, gentle disposition! Penny is a proven dam!

She has beautiful puppies! Penny is an English style Fox Red Lab. Rowdy is our new Red Poodle sire! He really lives up to his name. Rowdy, but gentle and affectionate!

She makes beautiful babies. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. About Us. Standard Reds! Goldie and Rowdy and their Doodles!

The only difference that has been noted between the Fox Red Labrador and any other color Labrador is that they can be slightly barkier.

However, Gregg Tonkin , who is a Fox Red Labrador breeder comments that this may be due to the fact the gene pool is smaller, and a once barky ancestor may be responsible for this.

So, it is not necessarily a Fox Red trait as such, but simply an inherited characteristic from one family member.

So this may or may not be the case in your Fox Red Labrador. The Fox Red Labrador is a high energy dog who needs at least 60 minutes of active exercise a day.

This needs to include high intensity exercise in order to keep him both physically and mentally stimulated, in order to burn up that working energy.

This can include swimming in the local lake, retrieving sticks, or participating in local agility events.

The Labrador is a super intelligent pup, and the Fox Red Labrador is certainly no different. This is one of the main reasons why Labradors are the most popular assistance dogs for the blind, as well as excelling in many other professions.

Do not underestimate his intelligence though, he still needs consistent obedience training and a firm master to ensure he grows into a well-mannered adult.

Make sure you have plenty of toys available to keep your pup occupied. The color of his coat has no bearing on his health in anyway, and as such he shares the same health issues as any other Labrador.

Any prospective Labrador owner, regardless of his color, will need to be aware of the following health issues, and it is recommended that his parents be tested for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

They should also be tested for Exercise Induced Collapse, which is where he can suffer a loss of muscular control following a period of extreme exercise.

He should also undergo an Ophthalmologist Evaluation , as certain diseases, such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy , can eventually lead to total loss of vision.

The Fox Red Labrador will eat around 3 cups of food a day. Regardless of color, Labradors are on the continuous hunt for snacks, and this is scientifically proven; the POMC is the part of dogs DNA that tells them that they are feeling full, and the Labrador does not have this, so he is always hungry!

In order to avoid obesity and other weight-related health issues that he is prone to, it is imperative to control his food consumption and feed him a food that fits the breed profile.

He has a double coat which keeps him warm in the colder months. However, because of this he sheds considerably during shedding season, during which he will need brushing every day to keep his coat manageable.

When he is not shedding, his coat will require brushing once or twice a week. As the Fox Red Labrador Retriever is much rarer, you can expect to pay much more as the supply and demand ratio for him is considerably higher.

A Fox Red Labrador will cost nearer the higher end of the scale. He is not priced as high as other alternative colors, however, as he is rarer than the traditional yellow or black pups he may cost slightly more.

Be sure to do your research on reputable breeders beforehand. Many Labrador fanciers comment that reputable breeders should not charge more for rarer colors, however, if he is healthy and you really want this particular color, then paying the higher price is something you should be prepared to expect.

The AKC lists breeders who have listed their pups for sale , either ready to purchase now or litters that are expected soon.

The Labrador Retriever Club also list registered breeders state by state. Alternatively, if you would like to rescue and adopt a Labrador Retriever, then you can also find rescue groups listed state by state, who are solely dedicated to rehoming Labradors.

There are plenty of rescue groups across America, and if you are sure that you want the Red Fox Lab as a pet, you may have to invest a little more time, but it will be worth it when you find your canine soulmate!

Answer: No one dog is better than another dog, it is more a case of why you would like a Labrador in the first place.

If you are simply after a loving family pet, then either of them will be just as good as the other. If you want to show your pup in registered events, then because of the color prejudice described above, the traditional yellow Labrador may be the better choice for you.

Question: Will a Fox Red Lab maintain his red color? Answer: Yes and no. Yes, he will always be a variant of red throughout his lifetime, he will not randomly turn into a black Labrador.

However, when he is born he will appear much darker than he is. Then over the next few weeks it will become much lighter.

Then it will change again, over the following few months, and this is the period where his color will darken into the fox red, sometimes dramatically so.

The best way to determine what color he will be is to look at his ears, as this is the closest color resemblance to what his real coat will be.

Once he reaches the age of 2 to 3 years, his color will remain the same. Answer: No, despite the claims that this may be true, there is currently no evidence to suggest that he is related to the Vizsla in any way.

The current evidence suggests that the Fox Red Lab is a purebred Labrador, who is simply a darker shade of the traditional yellow.

The Vizsla is of similar appearance to the Labrador Retriever, and when he has the same color coat as the Vizsla it is easy to see why the two would be mistaken for one another.

The Fox Red Labrador, or the Ruby Labrador, or the deep yellow Labrador is a lovely pup, who is, quite simply, a ray of sunshine!

He is not much different from the standard color Labradors, except in his coat pigment, but he is much rarer and difficult to find.

His coat is rich in color, and certainly makes a statement in the Labrador world. Our rescue labrador is supposed to be a red fox.

Although very similar to one he runs like a greyhound or certainly some kind of hound. We have had labradors, black and yellow and they were nowhere near as fast at running as this one he runs with head down and is as fast as a greyhound.

Could there be any connection. We love him dearly whatever his make! Sounds like an amazing dog Wendy!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing! The only way to really know if there's any connection would be to do a Doggy DNA test.

We did one with our Male Rescue Mastiff and used Embark. We were really pleased with the speed and results. Good luck!

Can you tell me the single best characteristic of a Fox Red Lab? Why choose one over the other labs? Also do they need extra coats in the winter in a cold area, such as winters up to 10, feet?

I assume a contrasting color to white would help make them visible in the snow. Hey Ron! Because Red Fox Labs are the same breed, there's really nothing different other than the color.

But yes, the contrast can make them more visible in the snow than a yellow lab. We had a chocolate lab for 13 years, and she definitely blended into the wilderness a little more easily.

Thanks for stopping by to comment! I just lost my 10 year old fox red best friend to bone cancer last week. I miss him so much.

I was pleased to find your site. Brought back even more good memories. I was very lucky to have him as a friend. Who owned who was often up for debate.

I would seek out another fox red in a minute when the time is right. Thank you! We purchased a fox red yellow lab. We initially picked a yellow.

There were 11 puppies both parents were fox red and in the litter there were 2 fox red. The owner wanted us to take him and said he wanted to make sure he went to a good home.

He has a tone of energy the most striking feature is that his hair stands on end like a stripe all the way to his tail. I did not see any mention of this in all the info I read.

Is this unusual? My husband says it reminds him of the ridgeback. Hi Shirley! Our chocolate lab had a slight tuft of fur down the center of her back too.

It's a small flaw but doesn't mean your pup is a Ridgeback. With that being said, if you are unsure and really want to know, get a DNA test.

We've used Embark with our pup whole health and genetics and it worked very well. Hi, my daughter is just awaiting collection of a red fox lab and was wandering what type of food is recommended wet or dry?

She has researched the breed as she has 2 small children and labs are very well known to be a perfect family dog.

All are very excited but have to wait another 4 weeks. Purchased from a KC registered breeder in the UK for added piece of mind.

Can't wait to see her. Hey Reggie! Getting a new puppy is always fun! If you look up in the nutrition section of this article, we have a specific nutritional guide for Labradors that you can take a look at.

Best of luck! I enjoyed your description of The Fox Red Labrador. They are a joy to own. We have a large family with 11 grandchildren. All of which have been introduced to the dogs.

While they have power and physique they are so good with the children.

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