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Game of Thrones Symbolism: Houses \u0026 the Starks

Dragons hardly need an introduction. They're fiery and ferocious, but also greedy and prone to hoarding their treasure.

In Christian Europe, dragons often represented the devil, but the heraldic dragon is also the traditional symbol of Uther Pendragon, the father of legendary King Arthur.

That sounds like the Targaryens all over. The Baratheon stag has prominent antlers, which traditionally represent strength and fortitude. This is true of all three Baratheon brothers Deer sigils are also typically associated with peace and harmony, which is a bit ironic considering that the Baratheons are a decidedly inharmonious family, to say the least.

The trout may not be the most fearsome of creatures, but the Tullys are most certainly adept at slipping downstream and swimming away like the slippery fish they are.

I mean, Catelyn straight up died and she's still riding around the countryside, murdering bandits. Traditionally, fish symbolize military prowess, fortitude, and faith, which are all solid Tully values along with swimming the hell away from danger.

The classic rose symbolizes hope and joy, as well as purity, beauty, and grace. The Tyrells are excellent at appearing to embody all of these virtues House Arryn is above it all both figuratively and literally.

They live way up high in the mountains, and they prefer to stay out of politics while orchestrating murders from afar. Fittingly, their sigil is the high-flying falcon: a classic heraldic symbol representing someone in eager pursuit of lofty goals like, you know, murdering your husband so you can help your evil boyfriend take over the realm.

Unlike the rest of Martin's sigils, the Greyjoy kraken is actually not a very traditional choice. The kraken itself is a legendary Norwegian sea monster capable of taking down whole ships, likely inspired by the real world giant squid.

Martin has also picked up some H. Lovecraft vibes here, since the Greyjoy's family religion is very reminiscent of the cult of Cthulhu, another big nasty sea monster from classic American literature.

Clearly, the Greyjoys are powerful forces of the ocean with long, grasping arms, forever reaching for more power House Martell of Dorne is repped by a red sun shot through with a spear, which fits their family perfectly: the sun traditionally represents glory and brilliance, and the Martells are most certainly glorious and more than a little hyped up about themselves.

On an obvious note, Dorne is an especially sunny part of the continent, too, and the Martells are expert spear-fighters.

But before we get carried away with fan theories and final-season predictions, we wanted to take a step back and analyze the nine major GoT houses, the house vigils, and their meanings.

The gray and white house sigil of House Stark pairs perfectly with their surroundings in Winterfell: a white and bleak winter landscape.

Some often associate gray with loss or mourning — which seems fitting given the hardships House Stark has dealt with over the past seven seasons.

However, each Stark character is a symbol of good throughout the series and serve as protagonists in a realm of antagonists. The color gold is often associated with royalty, glamour, and prosperity, while crimson stands for nobility, passion, and strength.

The Lannisters each carry themselves highly and have an air of nobility about them. Their passion for power is fueled by the strength of their ability to manipulate others throughout the series in order to achieve their goals.

The lion symbol is also fitting for those of House Lannister. While the gender of the lion on the sigil is unknown, it represents both the male and female characters of House Lannister.

Cersei Lannister is similar to a lioness; fiercely protective of her children and cunning hunters who prey upon the weak.

Jamie Lannister, while not as malicious as his sister and lover Cersei, will still go to great lengths to protect his family.

Eagles tend not to stray from their high perches, which is exactly what the characters of House Arryn do throughout the series.

Lysa Stark fiercely guards her son high up in Eyrie, a castle atop the Mountains of the Moon. The crescent moon image on the sigil represents the Mountains of the Moon.

The falcon that accompanies the crescent moon symbolizes height and agility. The only way enemies can attack the Eyrie is via a steep, winding path very fitting for their house motto.

However, the house often isolates themselves and do not easily trust others due to their distance. The light of the moon shines just as bright for House Arryn.

White also symbolizes purity and perfection — something that Lysa Stark strives for when it comes to ensuring her son Robin is fit to lead.

The sky blue color of their house sigil represents the soaring tower within which these characters live. This sky-blue is also the last color foes of House Arryn see before plummeting through the Moon Door.

Green and gold are the perfect color combination for House Tyrell. While the color green most notably stands for growth, balance, health, and money, it also stands for greed and envy.

The envious Tyrells are constantly trying to improve their standings in Westeros, hence the marriage arrangement between Tommen and Margaery and the subsequent murder of Joffrey by Alerie Tyrell.

The family is also well-off when it comes to money, which is why they reside in the beautiful Highgarden castle.

As we discussed earlier, gold stands for royalty, glamour, and prosperity — all of which House Tyrell exudes. The golden rose icon displayed in their sigil symbolizes hope, grace, beauty, and joy.

The rose, like other flowers, do not last forever. As we see throughout the course of the series, House Tyrell grows from a small bud to a rose in full bloom, only to wither and wilt at the end of Season 6.

House Greyjoy is known in both the books and the HBO series as a force to be reckoned with when other houses meet them on the sea.

The Greyjoys are known as sea-faring raiders who terrorize the coastal towns of Westeros, seizing whatever they believe to be useful for their house.

They do not care much for gold, only glory and the bragging rights that go along with conquering others using brute force. Ironically, they chose gold as one of the two colors in their sigil.

Gold symbolizes power and strength in this sense, which are the two characteristics the Greyjoys portray in battle.

The color black is also associated with power, strength, rebellion, and aggression — which again perfectly describes the raiding behavior of this house.

The Greyjoys are unbeatable — like the kraken — when met on the open sea, but like this mythological sea creature they do not stand up against foes on land.

This is explicitly seen throughout the GoT series when Theon Greyjoy attempts to take Winterfell and ends up in the hands of Ramsay Bolton.

House Martell of Dorne is located in a climate quite opposite that of Winterfell. Dorne is a region just outside of Westeros that has a desert-like climate, which makes their sun and spear logo an appropriate choice.

The bright red color of the sunburst symbol represents glory, war, determination, and desire — all of which are emotions that can be found in any of the Martell characters.

The Martells have a long history of warfare and conquest that dates back before the present day Game of Thrones setting.

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